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Singer, dancer and entertainer from Argentina and Spain that performs at Spanish manga and anime conventions, online events dedicated to Japanese idols, live streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch and other SNS. She also collaborates as an J-idol and Overseas Idols expert with Manga Barcelona, the largest manga and anime convention in Spain. She's also the organizer of the Idol Contest (since 2019), and the creator of Idol Matsuri, both held at Manga Barcelona.


bunny☆kaisui  is a solo singer, dancer and entertainer who’s been performing Jpop (Japanese Pop) & Anison (Anime music) since 2006.

She regularly participates in dance competitions and exhibitions at different Japanese culture related conventions. She  sings and dances but also encourages the public to participate by doing wotagei.

From an early age she has been interested in anime music and quickly became interested in Japanese Pop, especially Japanese female Idols. That is why she enjoys collecting Live DVDs and BDs from her favourite groups as well as attending concerts in Japan.

She is active in social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, SHOWROOM or NicoNicoDouga where she shares her singing and dancing covers frequently. She is one of the co-founders of IDOL⋆ROMANCE, a community of idol enthusiast that helped spreading the idol and wota culture in Spain, now dissolved.

To complement her performances, she designs and makes her own outfits, which are inspired by Japanese fashion and costumes of her favourite groups and singers.

Since her first live in 2011, some of her performances have been broadcasted by J-MELO music program (NHK World TV), thus receiving the award for best singer ("Singer Search Video Special Award") of 2012 and praises from the artists she pays tribute to.

In 2015 she did her first mini live in Akihabara (Japan), along with other Japanese idols. In 2017 she signed with a Japanese company and made her debut with a digital album of Anime song covers. The next year, she released her first physical CD.

Her concerts include a repertoire based on Jpop, Anison and J-Idols songs which are carefully studied and rehearsed to convey the same passion and energy as the originals with a personal touch.